Our qualified doctors can help with almost everything your regular doctors can. They can provide diagnoses, recommend treatment and if necessary, prescribe medication. Our doctors will see you quickly and effectively through a video consultation, even if it’s out of hours. Use the search bar to read more about a condition, or have a look at the categories.

Prescriptions, Sick Notes & Referral Letters at the Push of a Button

With PRN Care you can get the medical treatment and advice as well as the help that you need.

Other conditions

Even if you don’t see the issue that’s bothering you in the sections above, don’t worry – our practitioners can still help.

PRN Care practitioners are highly experienced and skilled, used to treating patients of all ages and treating a variety of conditions.

Nine out of ten people who use PRN Care are able to get the treatment or advice they need within the length of the consultation.

Safe, effective, efficient

Prn Care is regulated by the Ghana Medical Council, the body responsible for regulating health and social care in Ghana.

All of our practitioners are registered with their respective disciplinary and regulatory bodies, and when they’re not on PRN Care practitioners – they still practice in the public and private surgeries, clinics and hospitals in Ghana.

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