Clinical Nurses Providing Nurse-led Care.

Caring for someone with a debilitating illness means that carers must have clinical skills. Our nursing team is here to support this process, working alongside your clinicians and other professionals to provide the right kind of care for you

Regulated by Ghana General Medical and Dentist Council, we’re providing continuous care in the home to people living with a whole range of neurological conditions, whether they’re acquired or hereditary. We’re helping people across Ghana who’ve been living with their condition for a life-time or for a sudden onset, maybe after a head injury, stroke or cancer of the brain or spine. We support many with neurodegenerative conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease, often affecting people in adulthood and whose condition evolves over time.

Our team of nursing experts form the backbone of our nursing care services, providing all the specialist knowledge to carers for each individual customer and the extra training when required. Your carer will be handpicked by us and you, making sure they have the experience, knowledge and character that suits you best.

Acquired Brain Injury Support

Live in support for people rehabilitating after brain injury

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Motor Neurone Disease Care

Specialist support within the comfort of your home

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Spinal Cord Injury After Care

Home support for people living with spinal chord injury

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Muscular Dystrophy Care

Live in support for MSD or spinal muscular dystrophy

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Parkinson’s Care

Specialist support for those living with parkinson’s

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Stroke Care

Stroke aftercare and support completely tailored for you

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We’re here seven days a week to talk through your home care needs and find the best option for you. Call 026 555 3555 or request a callback and we will call you.

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