Specialist Support For Your Care Needs

A fully trained PRN Care nurse can provide you with the specialist clinical intervention care you need, giving you the choice to live independently from the comfort of your own home.

Our expert team of clinicians oversee all of our nursing care services, which are available for customers with various different care needs. They include ventilator care, continence care – including support for catheter, bowel and stoma – tracheostomy care and PEG-gastrostomy care.

Regulated by the General Medical and Dentistry Body , our nurses are all fully trained and qualified, plus we handpick the most appropriate person to meet your care needs.

We take pride in offering a continuous service to our customers, which wouldn’t be possible without our team of caring champions across Ghana.

Catheter, Bowel and Stoma Care

Continence care from the nursing care specialist

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Ventilated Care

Ventilated nursing care to suit your needs

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PEG-Gastrostomy Care

Helping you live a healthy and independent life

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Tracheostomy Care

The right level of support from a fully trained nurse

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We’re here seven days a week to talk through your home care needs and find the best option for you. Call 026 555 3555 or request a callback and we will call you.

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