PRN Care Private Midwifery Services

We put you at the centre of all we do, tailoring care around you and your needs. We provide you with complete continuity of care and aim to offer you the widest choices for your pregnancy and birth, along with professional support with your own private midwife. This ensures you have the safest possible care, provided by experienced and skilled private midwives who you know and trust and giving you support and care on this exciting journey.

Antenatal Care
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Postnatal Care
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New Baby Support
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Have the same Midwife with you throughout your pregnancy

Why choose a PRN Care Private Midwife?

A PRN Care private midwife is able to build a close and trusting relationship with you through continuity of care and appointments that are scheduled at your convenience. We all want the best for you and your baby. Having the same experienced and skilled person care for you throughout has been clinically proven to result in better outcomes for you and for your baby.

Ask the midwife

We know you will have a lot of questions… is this normal? why does this happen? what can I do? – Our midwives can make sure you get all your questions answered before and after the birth of your child.


We have many happy families who have benefited from our services. Find out what they have to say about us…

“Fantastic. My Midwife has been brilliant all the way through. Would 100% recommend to anyone and we will definitely use PRN Care Private Midwives again. Thank you very much for such a brilliant service.”

Joyce Ameyaw

“PRN Care Private Midwives exceeded our expectations. It was the best money we have ever spent. The care was exceptional and I credit the calm and wonderful birth to my Midwife. We have already recommended PRN Care Private Midwives to others.”

Ernestina Appau

“I am so glad I used your services, it made such a difference to have a midwife who had the time to explain everything and reassure me in every way! I will definitely use PRN Care Private Midwives again. I told all my family and friends it was worth every cedi!”

Juliana Hughes

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