1. Book an appointment

Be seen in shortly, or choose a time that suits you.

2. See a practitioner

Meet or talk to a practitioner  about your current issue.

3. Get your sick note

We can send sick notes directly by email or express courier.


Getting to the doctors when you are not well can be difficult – so we will make sure you get your sick note quickly by email or express courier.

Your employer or institution can verify these directly with us, which means you won’t need to do anything else.

Our sick notes include:

  • Recommendations about how and when you’ll be able to return to work or education

  • Whether you’re able to return to work with amended duties (e.g. no heavy lifting or reduced hours)

  • Suggestions on workplace adaptations that could help with your return to work

  • Detailed advice about managing your medical issue in the workplace

  • Instructions on how your employer or institution can authenticate the validity of the sick note.


Book an appointment with one of our practitioners for just 20GHC. They can send a sick note to you by email or express courier, for an additional 15GHC.


Our docto can issue referral letters quickly, helping you get to the next stage of your treatment or assessment as soon as possible.

We can refer you to a government, or private specialist.

While going through your regular doctor could take weeks, our doctors can send out detailed referral letters within minutes after your consultation ends.

If you think you’ve got a medical issue that needs specialist attention, speak to one of our practitioners now.


Book an appointment with one of our practitioners for just 20GHC. They can write you a referral letter to see a specialist for an additional 15GHC.

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