We can automatically share records from your PRN Care consultations with your regular doctor – unless you don’t want us to provide those information.


Your doctor will ask all the relevant questions about your medical history, allergies, existing conditions and whether you’re currently taking any medication. It’s just like the way things work at a walk-in centre, but in the comfort of your own home.

During consultations, your doctor will update your PRN Care medical records with detailed notes and these can be shared with your doctor if you wish.

Should you need your PRN Care medical records, they’re yours to access at any time. Simply send us a request under the ‘Contact Us’ section and we’ll send you a free copy via secured mail.

Prescriptions, Fit Notes & Referral Letters at the Push of a Button

With PRN Care you can get the medical advice and help that you need.

1. Book an appointment

Be seen shortly, either in person or via video and also choose a time that suits you.

2.Meet a Practitioner in person

Our practitioners will update your medical records and you can see them in person or via video

3. Start feeling better

Receive medical treatment, advice, instant prescriptions, referrals and fit notes.


Our highly-experienced practitioners can diagnose, treat and, if needed, prescribe medication, for a broad range of conditions or ailments.

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