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Where you can find us

PRN Care Ground Floor,

Palma House, North Liberia Link,

Adabraka, Accra.
+26 555 3555 or +20 500 1004

About PRN Care

PRN Care is a part of Unicare Support Group of Companies based in the UK. PRN as name implies stands for “pro renata” (when necessary). PRN Care was launched in 2018 in Ghana with one specific aim and objective; to transform our patient experience of care in Ghana, by offering affordable appointments at a time and location that suits the client, rather than the healthcare practitioner.

PRN Care was born out of a desire to remove as many of the barriers between healthcare practitioners and patients as possible. We come to you immediately and care for you in the comfort of your home, office etc. because there is nowhere else you would rather be when you are not feeling well. PRN Care was created by healthcare practitioners, built by healthcare practitioners  and is run by them. We exist for one reason and one reason only – to give you the best possible on-demand all in one healthcare service.