Live-in Support for People Rehabilitating After a Brain Injury

Brain injuries can throw entire families into disarray. The aftermath is an incredibly stressful period for those who have sustained them, as well as their loved ones. Many people affected are left needing round-the-clock brain injury support.

Here at PRN Care, we provide nursing-led care for people living with – and rehabilitating from – an acquired brain injury. With nearly 30 years’  combined experience in supporting people with this condition, our person centred care plans are helping individuals across Ghana with varying severities of acquired brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury support, hydrocephalus support and stroke aftercare.

With our unique and flexible approach to providing brain injury support, you or your loved one have the option to stay in the family home. Expertly trained and committed to who they’re supporting, our carers provide the right level of assistance according to to each acquired brain injury (ABI) classification. The varying severity of these injuries means that there is no universal nursing care plan. By working closely with your medical specialists, rehabilitation centre, therapists and other health organisations, we’re able to tailor our brain injury support to the meet your full requirements and projected outcomes. Our care plans can often include neuro-rehabilitation activities to help relearn day to day tasks.

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Brain Injury Nursing Care Plan

We work with you to create a home care plan that’s completely based around your existing routines. In most cases, each care plan has a focus on neuro-rehabilitation activities to help with re-learning everyday tasks. This is particularly important with research suggesting that an early referral in the acute stages of recovery from brain injury increases the chances of significantly better emotional well-being, social integration and vocational functioning.

It’s very common for families to contact us when their loved one is being discharged from hospital, so we can continue the rehabilitation support as soon as they arrive home.

Our support workers are trained to deliver medical support when needed. Through our brain injury support service, we can help people with daily tasks such as getting out of bed, getting dressed and bathing, in addition to help around the home such as preparing and cooking meals, doing the laundry and light housework. We’ve also developed an innovative approach to communicating with our customers, incorporating a variety of methods. We always look to find a form of communication that suits you or your loved one. Your carer will adapt to your requirements.

Our Specialist Brain Injury Trained Carers

We’re meticulous in choosing the right carers to join our team. All of them go through a series of selection processes, and only those who meet the high standards get invited to become a PRN carers.

Our carers are warm and positive in their approach to caring for someone with a brain injury. They’re enthusiastic about the role they play in the lives of their customers. Rather than just providing medical-centred brain injury care, our carers build bonds with the people they look after.

Some of them have delivered brain injury home care to their customers for a number of years. They’re always keen to chat and find out about what each individual wants so they can provide the right level of support required.

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